Kenwood download software for models NX-1200N, NX-1200D, NX-1200NV, NX-1200DV, NX-1300N, NX-1300D, NX-1300NU, NX-1300DU, NX-1200A, NX-1200AV, NX-1202AV, NX-1300A, NX-1300AU, NX-1302AU, NX-P1200NV, NX-P1200AV, NX-P1202AV, NX-P1300NU, NX-P1300AU, NX-P1302AU Programming software. Multi-protocol digital radio designed to operate under NXDN and FM analogue protocols, NXDN conventional operation, mixed digital & FM analogue operation, 7-color light bar indicator on the top panel, Kenwood TX/RX audio profile with optimizable digital processor. RF output power 5W both on VHF/UHF.

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