Kenwood download software for models NX-3200/3220 (VHF) / NX-3300/3320 (UHF). NX-3200, NX-3220, NX-3300, NX-3320, NX-3420, NX-3720 / NX-3720G / NX-3720H / NX-3720HG, NX-3820 / NX-3820G / NX-3820H / NX-3820HG Programming software. Along with the narrow 12.5 kHz support, NXDN employs the very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth using FDMA technology, NXDN provides excellent spectrum efficiency, wide coverage and scalability. NXDN Type-C Trunking and Gen 2 Trunking offer flexibility and performance. For larger networks, the DMR Tier III Trunking and DMR-S Trunking configurations. FM analogue protocol is offered in 25 kHz and narrow 12.5 kHz channel spacing. Conventional and LTR systems are available, with QT/DQT, DTMF, 2-tone/5-tone, MDC-1200, and FleetSync signaling.

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