Kenwood software download NEXEDGE Multi Digital & FM Portable Radio Programming software for NX-5200K, NX-5200K2, NX-5200K3, NX-5200K5, NX-5300K6, NX-5200S, NX-5200SK, NX-5300K, NX-5300F, NX-5300S, NX-5300SK, NX-5400K, NX-5400K2, NX-5400K3, NX-5600K, NX-5600H, NX-5700K, NX-5700BK, NX-5700H, NX-5700S, NX-5700SK, NX-5800K, NX-5800K2, NX-5800BK, NX-5800H, NX-5800HF, NX-5800S, NX-5800SK. The Mixed Mode operation is available in base, repeat and direct modes in the following bandwidth combinations: 25, 20 or 12.5 kHz analog with 12.5 or 6.25 kHz NXDN. The NEXEDGE OTAP Manager software (KPG-150AP/180AP) provides wireless programming for subscriber units in the field.

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