MOTOTRBO SL8550 - Frequency band UHF-1, Frequency range UHF (403-470 MHz). XPR3300 - Frequencies 136-174 MHz 403-512 MHz, XPR 3000 Series radios operate in analog and digital mode, XPR 3000 Series uses TDMA digital technology, it delivers twice the calling capacity plus clearer voice communications. For North America (NA) region. US/USA firmware. XPR firmware. M2020 and M2021 releases.

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MOTOTRBO M2021.01 Release Notes v2 (Infra, Device, CPS_RM) NA.pdf2021-04-16 16:57 174K
MOTOTRBO_2.0_R0221010000_211007_Mobile.exe2021-04-16 17:00 237M
MOTOTRBO_2.0_R20210104_216100_Repeater.exe2021-04-16 16:58 42M
MOTOTRBO_2.05_R0221010000_211007_Mobile.exe2021-04-16 16:58 43M
MOTOTRBO_Light_R0121010000_211051_Mobile (1).exe2022-01-02 06:22 57M
MOTOTRBO_Light_R0121010000_211051_Mobile.exe2021-04-16 16:58 57M
MOTOTRBO_Light_R0121010000_211051_Portable.exe2021-04-16 16:59 150M
MOTOTRBO_R20210103_210100_Repeater.exe2021-04-16 16:58 27M
MOTOTRBO_SL_R0221010000_211007_Portable.exe2021-04-16 16:59 146M
OLH to replace in CPS.zip2021-07-17 08:04 34M
XPR 7000-7000e XPR 3000-3000e SL3500e FILE INFORMATION M2021.01 v1 for NA.pdf2021-04-16 16:57 47K