Motorola CDM1550 LS Mobile Two Way Radio incorporates UHF LTR trunking capabilities. Frequency range 200MHz (217-222MHz), VHF (136-174MHz), UHF (403-470, 450-512MHz), Frequency band 200 MHz, VHF, UHF. MDC models. Waris lab upgrade kit includes default codeplugs, firmware images and boot images. Flashing radios to different models, flashing a different default code plug.

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R05.05.12B.exe2007-04-20 16:52 3.0M
R05.05.17.exe2006-08-31 02:18 3.0M
R05.05.19 - Other.exe2006-08-22 00:14 3.4M
R05.05.19.exe2006-08-27 23:20 2.4M
R05.05.22.exe2007-05-02 02:57 3.4M
R05.06.04.exe2008-01-04 07:13 3.4M
R05.07.02.exe2008-07-27 00:39 3.6M
R05.08.01.exe2008-10-01 12:09 3.9M
R05.08.02.exe2009-01-03 11:52 3.9M
R05.08.02.pdf2009-01-03 11:51 12K
R05.08.05.exe2009-07-16 08:08 4.0M
R05.08.05.pdf2009-07-16 08:05 13K
R05.09.01.exe2010-10-23 13:29 4.0M
R05.09.01.pdf2010-10-23 13:29 21K
R05.10.01.rar2011-01-20 23:09 3.5M
R05.10.02.pdf2015-09-27 03:13 45K
R05.10.02.zip2015-09-27 03:13 3.9M
R05.10.03.zip2015-09-27 03:13 3.9M
R05.10.04.zip2015-09-27 03:13 3.9M