Motorola TETRA section. Dedicated to TETRA stuff like CPS/CPS+/CPSPlus, CPS Depot, TETRA Scout and other tools. The most popular CPS for modern radios is CPS Plus 7. License file required, but can be avoided by patch / fix.

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TetraCPS MR2.0.zip2004-01-08 03:04 16M
TetraCPS MR3.0.zip2004-01-08 03:04 23M
TetraCPS MR3.1, R7A.117.07.zip2006-02-05 12:36 30M
TetraCPS MR3.1.2.zip2006-03-08 04:12 125M
TetraCPS MR3.14, R7A.312.03 (Nov 4 2005), FVN5260G.rar2007-10-24 17:50 39M
TetraCPS MR3.14, R7A.312.03 (Nov 4 2005), FVN5260G.zip2006-10-06 16:15 39M
TetraCPS MR5.2, R6C.285.01.zip2006-03-24 03:42 30M
TetraCPS MR5.3, R6C.303.01.rar2007-12-13 12:55 36M
TetraCPS MR5.3.rar2006-03-24 03:44 36M
TetraCPS MR5.3 Hotfix.RAR2009-01-01 17:41 36M
TetraCPS MR5.4, R6C.373.02.zip2009-05-18 18:43 54M
TetraCPS MR5.5.2, R6C.417.01 (Apr 2007), PMVN4132A.rar.zip2008-03-30 07:41 68M