Motorola TETRA section. Dedicated to TETRA stuff like CPS/CPS+/CPSPlus, CPS Depot, TETRA Scout and other tools. The most popular CPS for modern radios is CPS Plus 7. License file required, but can be avoided by patch / fix.

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5_6_1E_Software_Release_Note_Ver_C.pdf2008-06-10 07:25 342K
MR5.6.1E & Firmware Upgrade.txt2011-02-23 15:01 227
MR5.6.1E_Announcement_Ver_A.pdf2008-06-10 07:25 60K
R070005848.zip2008-06-10 07:26 8.9M
R080005848.zip2008-06-10 07:25 2.0M
R130005848.zip2008-06-10 07:26 8.9M
R140005848.zip2008-06-10 07:26 12M
R170005848.zip2008-06-10 07:25 2.2M
TetraCPS MR5.6.1E, R6C.472.02, PMVN4154A.exe2008-06-10 07:28 85M
TetraCPS MR5.6.1E, R6C.472.02, PMVN4154A.zip2009-05-13 10:27 84M