Hytera firmware update packages, DMRCT, DMR-SW-UPGRADEKIT, DMR_TerminalBatchUpgrade. CPS, tuner and program Flashburn lets you read/write different modules from the radio. DMR download portfolio includes repeaters, mobile and portable radios. Extended the ability to make full duplex calls to repeater mode operation and direct mode operation. Advanced connection, sends audio, signaling and data. GPS data storage. New version R9.0 Firmware.

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20190225_For_PT580HF4.rar2021-05-30 22:05 18M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.71.008 upgrade package.rar2021-05-30 21:29 84M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.82.005 upgrade package.rar2020-11-30 05:02 474M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.82.006 upgrade package.rar2021-05-30 21:42 488M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.86.401 DarkTheme E2EE(TEA1-WestEurope).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 6.9M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.86.401 DarkTheme NOE2EE(NOTEA-Russian).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 6.8M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.86.401 LightTheme E2EE(TEA1-WestEurope).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 7.3M
G1.5_Mobile V3.08.86.401 LightTheme NOE2EE(NOTEA-Russian).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 7.3M
G1.5_Mobile V3.09.02.007 upgrade package.rar2021-05-30 21:48 484M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.71.008 upgrade package.rar2021-05-30 21:02 76M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.82.005 upgrade package.rar2020-11-30 04:46 423M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.82.006 upgrade package.rar2020-11-30 04:13 441M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.86.401 DarkTheme E2EE(TEA1-WestEurope).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 6.3M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.86.401 DarkTheme NOE2EE(NOTEA-Russian).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 6.3M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.86.401 LightTheme E2EE(TEA1-WestEurope).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 6.4M
G1.5_Portable V3.08.86.401 LightTheme NOE2EE(NOTEA-Russian).fbin.zip2021-08-31 16:44 6.4M
G1.5_Portable V3.09.02.007 upgrade package.rar2021-05-30 21:04 851M
PT3x_CPS_V4.1.13.017.rar2021-05-30 21:31 12M
PT3X_FrimwareUpgrade_V4.01.13.018.rar2021-05-30 21:33 581M
PT580H-PT580H UL913-MT680 F5V2.0 CPS License(NOE2EE-TEA3-Chinese).rar2020-11-30 03:58 1.5K
PT580H F4 V2.06.15.018 NOE2EE(NOTEA-EN-DUT).rar2021-04-14 03:03 4.1M
PTC760_0430 (G2_Tetra_V1.5.001_V1. 22:09 732M
R5.0_Upgrade kit.rar2021-05-30 21:06 6.2M
R6.2_Upgrade kit.rar2021-05-30 21:04 2.8M
R7.0.1_Upgrade kit.rar2021-05-30 21:05 3.8M
R7.0.3_Upgrade kit.rar2021-05-30 21:05 3.7M
R7.0_Upgrade kit.rar2021-05-30 21:05 3.3M
R7.1.1_upgrade_kit.rar2021-05-30 21:05 3.8M
R7.1_Upgrade kit.rar2021-05-30 21:05 3.8M
R7.6.ZIP2021-07-05 16:24 9.6M
TETRA Accessory Upgrade Kit V3.08.82.006 Setup.rar2021-05-30 21:05 9.1M
TETRA Accessory Upgrade Kit V3.09.02.007 Setup.rar2021-05-30 21:05 9.7M
TETRA CPS V3.08.86.401 Setup.exe.zip2021-08-31 16:44 26M
TETRA Terminal Release Notes R8.8_V1.0.rar2020-11-30 04:46 776K
TETRA Terminal_Release Notes R8.8_V2.0.rar2021-05-30 21:05 520K
TETRA Terminal_Release Notes_R8.0_V1.0.zip2021-05-30 21:06 532K
TETRA Terminal_Release Notes_R8.7_V1.0.rar2021-05-30 21:06 668K
TETRA Terminal_Release Notes_R9.0_V1.0.rar2021-05-30 21:06 496K
TETRA Terminal_Upgrade Guide_R8.1_V1.0.rar2021-05-30 20:59 359K
TETRA Terminal_Upgrade Guide_R8.5_V1.0.rar2021-05-30 21:06 499K
TETRA Upgrade kit V1.01.14.014 setup.zip2021-08-31 16:44 2.5M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V2.06.18.010 Setup.rar2021-05-30 21:06 14M
TETRA Upgrade kit V3.07.30.010 setup.rar2021-05-30 21:06 4.0M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.02.012 Setup.zip2021-05-30 21:06 13M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.02.015 Setup.zip2021-05-30 21:06 12M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.02.017 Setup.rar2021-05-30 21:06 13M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.11.008 Setup.rar2021-05-30 20:59 13M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.52.008 Setup.rar2021-05-30 21:06 14M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.71.008.rar2021-05-30 21:09 10M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.82.005.rar2020-11-30 05:03 26M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.82.006 Setup.rar2020-11-30 03:57 9.1M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.08.86.401 Setup.exe.zip2021-08-31 16:44 15M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.09.12.004 Setup.exe.exe2021-05-13 16:12 19M
TETRA Upgrade Kit V3.09.12.004 Setup.zip2021-08-31 16:44 18M
V2.06.18.010.rar2021-05-30 21:06 92M
V2.06.18.010.zip2021-05-30 21:38 49M
V2.06.18.010 CQST and UL913.rar2021-05-30 21:11 50M
V3.09.02.007 SlaveCB upgrade package.rar2021-05-30 21:11 33M