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Explore our extensive collection of HYTERA radio programming software, service manuals, technical papers, bulletins, schematics, and more for DMR radios. Whether you need to program your HYTERA radios or require technical information for maintenance and troubleshooting, we have all the resources you need. Our service manuals provide detailed instructions and diagrams, while our technical papers and bulletins offer valuable insights into the latest developments in radio technology. With our comprehensive collection, you can confidently handle any programming or maintenance task for your HYTERA radios. Buy and download the necessary resources to optimize the performance and functionality of your radios. Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in DMR technology with HYTERA.

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BD30X UHF Service Manual V00_eng.pdf2021-01-29 20:16 4.7M
BD50X UHF Service Manual V00_eng.pdf2021-01-29 20:16 4.1M
BD302i_UHF_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:18 5.3M
BD352i_UHF_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:19 5.5M
BD502i_U1_U3_V1_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:19 12M
BD552i UHF1 VHF Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:19 7.2M
DMR_SW_RDAC_V8.06.01.001(external).rar2024-05-01 21:54 24M
HR1065 26pin accessory pinout.pdf2023-01-06 12:32 158K
MD61X UHF&VHF Service Manual V00_eng.pdf2021-05-31 05:16 34M
MD61X_UHF_Service_Manual_V00_eng.pdf.pdf2021-01-29 20:17 24M
MD62X UHF&VHF Service Manual V00_eng.pdf2021-05-31 05:16 33M
MD65X Mobile Radio U1&V Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:16 11M
MD78X&MD78XG U1&U2&U3&U5&V Service Manual R7.0_eng.pdf2021-01-29 20:17 26M
MD78X 10 PIN audio Interface and 26 PIN accessory interface (2).doc2021-01-29 20:17 174K
MD78X 10 PIN audio Interface and 26 PIN accessory interface.doc2021-01-29 20:21 176K
MD78X MD78XG Hytera Service Manual V00 Eng_Chinese.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 11M
MD78X Remote Control Kit V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:17 3.5M
MD612i_UHF_VHF_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 38M
MD622i_UHF_VHF_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 37M
MD652i_VHF_U1_U2_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 14M
MD780&MD780G Hytera Service Manual R3.5.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 26M
MD782i U1 Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 16M
MD782i V1 Service Manual V00_eng.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 9.8M
PD3XX - Firmware Upgrade Mode.pdf2021-01-29 20:17 163K
PD40X VHF1&UHF1 Service Manual V00.rar2021-01-29 20:16 7.2M
PD41X VHF1&UHF1 Service Manual V00.rar2021-01-29 20:17 7.0M
PD48X UHF Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 11M
PD48X VHF Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 9.5M
PD68X V&Um Service Manual V00.pdf2015-01-23 16:13 6.9M
PD70X&PD70XG&PD78X&PD78XG UHF1&UHF2&UHF3&UHF5&VHF Service Manual R5.5.pdf2021-05-31 11:40 62M
PD78X Definition of 16 PIN audio accessory interface.doc2021-01-29 20:19 108K
PD362i Ua Uc Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 8.1M
PD502i VHF UHF1 Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 8.2M
PD562i VHF UHF1 Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 8.2M
PD602i VHF Um Service Manual R5.6.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 9.3M
PD662i V Um Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 6.9M
PD682i V Um Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 7.4M
PD700&PD700G&PD780&PD780G Hytera Service Manual R3.5.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 7.6M
PD752i VHF UHF1 UHF2 Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 17M
PD782i V3 Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:22 6.6M
PD982i UHF VHF Service Manual V01.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 9.8M
RD62X Digital Wall-mounted Repeater U1&V Service Manual V00.pdf2015-05-19 17:16 9.6M
RD98X Duplexer Installation Guide.pdf2021-01-29 20:19 299K
RD98XS Digital Repeater U1&U2&U3&V Service Manual V01_eng.pdf2021-05-31 11:40 27M
RD622i Digital Wall-mounted Repeater U1 V Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 9.9M
RD962i Digital Portable Repeater UHF1 VHF Service Manual V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:20 13M
RD980 Hytera Service Manual R3.5.pdf2021-01-29 20:22 9.3M
RD982i-S U1 U2 U3 V Service Manual V00.pdf2021-05-31 04:48 27M
RD982i-S U5 Service Manual V01.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 9.4M
RD982i_UHF1_UHF2_UHF3_VHF_ServiceManual_V00.pdf2021-01-29 20:22 13M
Recommended Spare Parts List of HYT DMR Product_US_V1.0.xls2021-01-29 20:22 37K
Release Notes BPR40 BPR20 CPS R02.05.pdf2024-03-13 19:08 113K
X1ei V U1 U2 U3 Service Manual R5.0.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 16M
X1e Service Manual.pdf2021-01-29 20:17 5.5M
X1pi U1 U3 V Service Manual R5.0.pdf2021-01-29 20:21 16M
X1p U1&U3&V Service Manual R5.0.pdf2021-05-31 11:40 34M