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#860 Announcement of New Cloning Software for the IC-F3GF4G.pdf2008-02-06 02:59 7.7K
#861 Improvement modification for the log-in and log-out fu.pdf2008-02-06 02:59 12K
#862 Improvement modification for the SP-5 and SP-10 speakers.pdf2008-02-06 02:59 14K
#863 Improvemrnt modification for humming noise in the IC-F4TR.pdf2008-02-06 02:59 105K
#864 Announcement of up-date for the CS-F3G.pdf2008-02-06 03:00 11K
#865 Improvement modification for the parts overheating in .pdf2008-02-06 03:00 171K
#866 Reducing Cooling Fan Speed for the PS-125.pdf2008-02-06 03:00 134K
#869 Replacement Parts of SW-163 for the IC-R8500.pdf2008-02-06 03:00 155K
#870 Improvement modification of the no display for the IC-.pdf2008-02-06 03:00 662K
#871 Announcement of the Serial Number for the New 40 100CH.pdf2008-02-06 03:00 52K
#872 Announcement of New Cloning Software for the IC-F30GF4.pdf2008-02-06 03:00 8.7K
#873 Improvement modification of Transmit Audio Distortion .pdf2008-02-06 03:01 305K
#874 Improvement of 5-Tone Operation for the IC-F30GT-GS series.pdf2008-02-06 03:01 441K
#875 Improvement of 5-Tone Operation for the IC-F40GT-GS series.pdf2008-02-06 03:01 358K
#876 Improved 5-Tone for F21.pdf2008-02-06 03:01 565K
#877 Improved DTCS for F30G F40G series.pdf2008-02-06 02:59 479K
#878 Man Down unit problem for the IC-F3G-F30G series.pdf2008-02-06 03:02 536K
#879 Problem of Text Display in the IC-F3GT-F4GT 100ch models.pdf2008-02-06 03:02 15K
#880 Cloning Software update for the CS-F22SR.pdf2008-02-06 03:02 12K
#881 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-756PRO2.pdf2008-02-06 03:02 341K
#888 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:03 396K
#889 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:03 411K
#890 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:03 415K
#891 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:03 412K
#892 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:04 411K
#893 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:04 411K
#894 Expanding TX_RX Frequency Coverage for the IC-746PRO (.pdf2008-02-06 03:04 416K
#895 Receive noise for the IC-F22 series.pdf2008-02-06 03:04 807K
#897 IC-M45A.pdf2008-02-06 03:05 270K
#898 Compander Noise for the IC-F30G.pdf2008-02-06 03:05 189K
#900 Improvement of Squelch Function for the IC-F11..pdf2008-02-06 03:05 207K
#901 Announcement of CS-F300 New Revision.pdf2008-02-06 03:05 13K
#902 Correction of Alignment Procedure of the IC-A23 Servic.pdf2008-02-06 03:05 14K
#903 Improved Modification for the IC-R75..pdf2008-02-06 03:05 209K
#904 Expanding Function for the IC-V8000..pdf2008-02-06 03:06 965K
#905 Improvement of Squelch Function for the IC-F3GT_GS series..pdf2008-02-06 03:06 289K
#906 Improvement of Squelch Function for the IC-F4GT_GS series..pdf2008-02-06 03:06 301K
#907 Improvement of Squelch Function for the IC-F11..pdf2008-02-06 03:07 324K
#908 Correction of the IC-746PRO instruction manual (#02 only).pdf2008-02-06 03:07 141K
#909 Improvement of Squelch Function for the IC-F21..pdf2008-02-06 03:07 307K
#910 Unable to Clone from Particular PC Models with Optiona.pdf2008-02-06 03:07 792K
#911 Correction of the IC-746PRO instruction manual (#02 only).pdf2008-02-06 03:08 281K
#913 Improvement of Battery Contact for IC-F30G_F40G Series..pdf2008-02-06 03:08 203K
#916 Improvement modificaiton of the Battery Replace for th.pdf2008-02-06 03:08 367K
#919 IC- F3GTGS Modification #70 for Versions #35,36,85,86.pdf2008-02-06 03:08 155K
#925 ServiceInfo-IC-2720Adjustment Method.pdf2008-02-06 03:08 97K
#925 ServiceInfo-IC-2720Adjustment Method2.pdf2008-02-06 03:08 225K
#926 ServiceInfo-IC-T90Modification#20.pdf2008-02-06 03:08 112K
#929 Improvement of Squelch Function for the IC-F521.pdf2008-02-06 03:09 508K
#930 IC-F510-5ToneModification.pdf2008-02-06 03:09 158K
#931 CS-F30G-Password_Last.pdf2008-02-06 03:09 82K
#936 Improvement modification of the IC-M802 Talk Power.pdf2008-02-06 03:09 169K
#937 IC-FR4000_3000 monitor mic Hanger function.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 1.0M
#938 Expanded Functions for the IC-703.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 142K
#939 Expanded Functions for the IC-703.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 142K
#940 Improved modification of the IC-2720H_2725E.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 78K
All_ICOM_modification_from_www.mods.dk_in_ONE_file.pdf2007-08-25 23:48 7.4M
All_ICOM_modification_from_www.mods.dk_in_ONE_file.pdf.txt2018-07-20 16:23 54
AT500+Transcvr.pdf2008-02-07 10:37 1.0M
AT500-2KL.pdf2008-02-07 10:36 319K
Copy of OPC967A23A5.pdf2008-02-07 10:39 171K
cs-f3_programming_manual.pdf2007-07-05 11:59 956K
CT17.pdf2008-02-07 10:37 161K
DIGTRX311setup.zip2007-09-07 14:01 1.9M
DS100 MARINE CONTROLLER FOR IC-M401 & IC-M501 MANUAL.rar2012-01-09 12:31 205K
E0001 Maker Reserve Mode for the CS-F3G.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 162K
E0002 Hidden function for the IC-F3G series.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 16K
E0003 Hidden function while power is ON for the IC-F series.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 5.4K
E0004 Maker Reserve Mode for the CS-F30G.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 191K
E0005 Initial Set Mode for the IC-F30GF40G.pdf2008-02-06 03:10 5.3K
E0006 Dealer Set Mode Edit for the IC-F30GF40G series.pdf2008-02-06 03:11 154K
E0007 Expand function for the IC-910H.pdf2008-02-06 03:11 331K
E0008 Expand function for the IC-V8T3H.pdf2008-02-06 03:11 607K
E0009 Dealer Set Mode for the CS-F3 cloning software.pdf2008-02-06 03:11 12K
E0010 Maker Reserve Mode for the EX-1489 cloning software.pdf2008-02-06 03:11 7.0K
f11-f21 squelch mod serial model breakdown.txt2008-02-06 03:11 470
HamRadioTerms.pdf2008-02-06 03:11 85K
IC-706MKIIG em Português.pdf2016-03-21 21:11 4.3M
IC-735 service manual.pdf.txt2018-07-20 16:32 25
IC-2200H IC-V82 IC-U82 A & D Voice Scrambler.pdf2008-12-28 19:50 439K
IC-2710H service manual.pdf2007-08-26 00:09 28M
IC-2710H service manual.pdf.txt2018-07-20 16:32 27
IC-F10_F20.pdf2007-08-17 19:37 1.4M
ic-r20.pdf2009-04-29 21:47 114K
ic-r20_2.pdf2009-04-29 21:47 2.6M
IC-R20_D.pdf2009-04-29 21:47 195K
ic-r20_e.pdf2009-04-29 21:47 157K
IC-R20_Manual.pdf2009-04-29 21:48 2.6M
IC-Receiver_Cat_2006.pdf2009-04-29 21:48 1.1M
IC-V82_SM.rar2012-07-23 16:12 2.4M
IC-V82_U82_Addendum.rar2012-07-23 16:12 16K
IC-V82_U82_manual.rar2012-07-23 16:13 4.1M
ic-v200t.rar2007-07-07 10:27 1.5M
ic7000mods.zip2011-03-08 19:44 2.1M
icr20-reset.pdf2009-04-29 21:48 6.4K
Instruction Manual IC-F11 IC-F21.rar2007-09-22 05:37 579K
List of error codes for the IC-FR3000-FR4000 series.txt2020-09-17 22:15 676
Manufacture Mode for the CS-F11.pdf2008-02-06 03:12 7.6K
man_ic-f3_ic-f4_s.pdf2007-07-05 11:58 944K
max232.jpg2008-02-07 10:37 81K
max232.pdf2008-02-07 10:37 86K
sch_ICOM_IC-4088.pdf2008-01-31 14:56 256K
SEN-013-03 F50 clock improvement.pdf2008-02-06 03:02 148K
service manual.rar2007-09-08 03:53 2.4M
UHFCB_IC-410PRO_AdvancedManual.pdf2016-11-25 06:07 3.6M
UHFCB_IC-410PRO_Manual.pdf2016-11-25 06:07 840K