Icom programming, cloning software. Icom's range is available in fixed-base radio, vehicle mount radio and handheld radio formats. Products include base-station, mobile and handheld units covering many frequency bands. Advanced radio products and systems include: IDAS Digital Two Way Radio (NXDN/dPMR), Two Way Radio for Business (PMR/ PBR), ATEX radio, LTE/PoC Radio, IP radio, Satellite PTT Radio, Amateur radio, Receivers/Scanners, D-STAR digital Amateur radio, Marine radio, AIS Equipment, GMDSS commercial maritime radio, aviation/Airband radio and license free walkie-talkies (PMR446).

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9500_Firm_v1.05.zip2012-01-31 17:48 3.5M
CS-F3160 F5060 v5.2 Software_v5.4 Radio Firmware_v3.2 UT-126 Firmware.zip2020-11-22 05:38 6.8M
CS-F7500 v2.8 Software.zip2022-11-21 17:53 69M
EX-2559H_F620TR_Firmware_Loader_V1.4.zip2012-01-31 17:47 405K
EX2986C_F3161_F5061_Older_Archived_Firmware.zip2017-03-10 10:58 4.0M
Firmware ICOM ICF33 - MDC3343.rar2013-10-03 14:23 355K
Firmware ICOM ICF33 - MDC3343.txt2013-10-03 14:23 73
FL2986D+A+Firmware+v4.9.2.zip2017-03-10 11:04 822K
FL2986E.zip2017-03-10 11:04 942K
FR5000_Firmware_Main_v1.7_DSP_v1.6_Front_v1.2.zip2012-01-31 17:47 1.3M
IC-F7010 Firmware v3.6.zip2022-11-21 17:52 11M
IC-F9011 v. 3.2.4 Firmware.zip2022-11-25 21:34 1.4M
ICOM 7600- V2 Firware.rar2020-01-12 11:06 3.0M
pcr1500_2500_firmup_v210.zip2012-01-31 17:48 744K