Kenwood radio firmware download, DMR, APCO25, P25, NXDN, NEXEDGE, dPMR, firmware updates for NX-1000 / NX1000, NX-3000 / NX3000, NX-5000 / NX5000. The NX-5000 Series offers unsurpassed interoperability, support three digital CAIs - NXDN, DMR and P25, support two digital protocols and analog: FM/DMR/ NXDN, FM/NXDN/P25, and FM/DMR/P25.

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KenwoodTools Product Firmware.pdf2008-12-11 15:30 10K
Kenwood x180 fw.zip2008-12-12 01:56 762K
TK-2180K_3180 3AA2 3_01_06.zip2008-05-08 03:16 345K
TK-2180K_3180 3AA2 3_1_06.zip2008-05-11 04:02 345K
TK-2180K_7180K_V119_921E.zip2013-02-22 18:03 402K
TK-2180K_FIRM_SH01_REL18.rar2009-01-10 15:46 357K
TK-3180_MDC120_V1.22.rar2016-08-24 17:08 366K
TK-x180k_v1.22_firmware_035C.rar2013-02-22 18:03 365K
Tk2180K_7180K_V118_FE28.zip2008-12-11 15:29 393K
Tk2180K_7180K_V122_035C.zip2013-02-22 18:02 402K
Tx180MT_TK-x185_V335_AA02.zip2020-11-23 14:54 379K