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Motorola CPG and SREC files. Products with WiFi access, the APX 8000 can quickly receive new codeplugs, firmware and software features. A centralized database allows organization of codeplugs and makes it a one-stop shop for edits or changes to specific devices. A single codeplug can be used as a template, which can then be shared across multiple smart radios.

NameLast modifiedSize
Parent Directory  -
103TEC0664 BLANK CDM1250 VHF.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 1.9K
721CDU3807 XTS5000.cpg2020-03-31 11:06 73K
749TZJ6028.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 5.4K
2150_5.cpg2007-05-19 17:40 2.0K
AAM25KKF9AA5A_ 0123456789 CDM1550 CLEAN 5AN.cpg2013-07-18 18:40 2.3K
AAM25KKF9AA5A_ 0123456789 CDM1550 CLEAN 5AN.rar2013-07-18 18:54 1.8K
AAM25KKF9AA5A_ 0123456789 CDM1550 CLEAN 5AN.txt2013-07-18 18:54 216
AAM25KKN9AA8A_ CDM1550 8AN TEST.cpg2013-07-18 18:41 9.6K
AAM25KKN9AA8A_ CDM1550 8AN TEST.rar2013-07-18 18:54 9.1K
AAM25KKN9AA8A_ CDM1550 8AN TEST.txt2013-07-18 18:54 216
aer lingus.zip2011-03-15 20:17 865
aer lingus 676.zip2011-03-15 20:17 874
aer lingus 691.zip2011-03-15 20:16 873
astrocodeplugq806 options.zip.zip2007-09-25 05:09 11K
astrosaberIIIRebandable.zip2009-04-15 04:18 8.3K
astro_spectra_W7_VHF.cpg2011-02-03 08:16 4.0K
bt115.txt.zip2009-11-15 17:30 1.6K
CDM1250-origin.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 2.3K
CDM 1550-1.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 2.4K
CDM1550-LB-stock.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 3.5K
codeplug.zip2009-01-16 00:25 231K
codeplugs_2.zip2009-01-16 00:26 238K
codeplugs_gm3188_gm3688_gp3188_gp3688.txt2018-07-20 16:25 202
codeplug_GM3188_GM3688_GP3188_GP3688.rar2007-07-07 14:05 61K
cp200_uhf_4ch.zip2010-04-17 03:23 6.2K
EP450s Default Factory Codeplug.rar2011-11-17 02:51 6.8K
GM340VHF.cpg2010-07-03 23:41 2.0K
gp300.rar2022-10-08 18:46 200K
GP338 Chinese frequency writing software.rar2023-12-14 02:54 10M
GP340.cpg2007-04-18 01:46 2.0K
GP340UHF.cpg2007-04-18 01:46 2.0K
GP360 FuG 11b_vhf_N5.cpg2008-03-31 19:51 2.0K
GP380 UHF.cpg2009-12-13 22:49 4.9K
gp380_VHF_144_150_172.cpg2010-10-19 23:59 8.6K
HT-1550UHF.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 2.7K
HT-1550UHF MOD.cpg2011-01-18 11:13 4.5K
HT 750-1.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 1.8K
HT1250 - VHF - Full Keypad.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 2.4K
HT1250 Codeplugs.rar2011-09-12 22:14 9.3K
HT1250LS.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 3.0K
HT1250LS V1.cpg2007-05-16 15:53 3.2K
HT1550 Codeplugs.rar2011-09-12 22:16 13K
jes-codeplugs.zip2012-02-14 09:43 50K
Minitor IV Codeplugs.rar2011-09-12 22:17 437
Motorola Codeplugs.zip2007-11-08 12:14 238K
motorola codeplugs.zip.txt2007-11-08 12:14 166
Motorola CTR.cpg2008-05-07 09:38 2.0K
Motorola HT1250 codeplugs.rar2009-04-18 19:47 26K
Motorola SIR.cpg2008-05-07 09:38 2.1K
MotoTRBO Codeplugs.rar2012-02-01 19:45 368K
MT2100.cpg2007-08-11 17:02 22K
MTX-9250 (Old Disney USA 900MHz Trunked System).zip2016-07-26 03:08 3.5K
NearblankXTS3k.zip2012-02-08 15:03 4.2K
PMR-SRBR.cpg2007-04-18 01:46 2.3K
Professional-Codeplug-AZ.rar2007-07-08 14:28 8.0K
rotary.cpg2008-01-01 19:14 21K
Samples.rar2009-05-06 16:55 23K
Samplesa.rar2009-05-09 08:09 26K
syssabercpgs.rar2008-02-01 04:43 11K
XTS3000rebandable.zip2009-04-15 04:18 3.8K
XTS3000_VHF_M3.srec.zip2007-09-25 05:08 7.0K
XTS4000 Q Split FPP.cpg2009-04-24 08:54 179K