Motorola user guides, service manuals and tutorials download. Maintaining and managing smart radios information download. APX, Astro, Astro25, ASTRO25 Infrastructure, Waris, MotoTRBO, G-Series: GTR8000 / GTR 8000, GCP8000 / GCP 8000, GCM8000 / GCM 8000, Quantar / Quantro. P25-certified products. ASTRO 25 is APCO P25 compliant. In an ASTRO 25 voice and integrated data system, data coexists with voice traffic over the same radio frequencies.

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DIMETRA Express Pricebook Configurator Tool - Access.pdf2019-11-06 16:30 86K
DIMETRA Express System Planner R1.4_issue O.pdf2019-11-06 16:31 3.0M
DIMETRA_Express_1.3 release features customer_presentation - Feb 2019.ppt2019-11-06 16:30 7.4M
DIPE Additional Quotes R1.4 - How to order expansions.pdf2019-11-06 16:30 220K
E990383-E13-ND7 SHT 1.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 134K
E990383-E13-ND7 SHT 2.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 133K
E990383-E13-ND8 SHT 1.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 124K
E990383-E13-ND8 SHT 2.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 92K
E990383-E13-SL1.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 99K
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E990383-E13-WD2.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 96K
E990383-E13-WD3.pdf2019-11-06 16:32 90K
Express R1.4 Additional Quotes_EUR.zip2019-11-06 16:31 28K
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Express R1.4 Additional Quotes_USD.zip2019-11-06 16:30 29K
Express R1.4 Spares_EUR.zip2019-11-06 16:30 25K
Express R1.4 Spares_GBP.zip2019-11-06 16:31 24K
Express R1.4 Spares_USD.zip2019-11-06 16:31 24K
MN003594A01-E_enus_DIMETRA_EXPRESS_QUICK_START_GUIDE.pdf2019-11-06 16:30 173K
MN004191A01-D_enus_DIMETRA_EXPRESS_STANDALONE_QUICK_START_GUIDE_a.pdf2019-11-06 16:30 260K
MN004644A01-D_enus_DIMETRA_Express_Maintenance_Guide.pdf2019-11-06 16:31 491K
Obtaining_DIMETRA_Express_Server_License.pdf2019-11-06 16:31 89K