Motorola download firmware and programming software for ASTRO Digital XTS 3000 Full-Featured Model Portable Radio. Professional GP300/GM300 Series CPS. ASTRO 25 Trunking GTR 8000 Expandable Site Subsystem (ESS). GTR 8000 Base Radios feature a linear modulation (LSM) that provides industry-leading P25 coverage in VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz and 900 MHz.

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IFP Update V1.12 - Charger V4.2 - Display V1.7 - IFP V1.1.zip2022-03-14 09:49 909K
MN005630A01-AA_enus_MSI_Charger_Reprogrammer_Installation_Guide.pdf2023-04-27 08:26 1.8M
msi_charger_reprogrammer_1.0.0_setup.zip2022-03-11 02:49 35M
msi_charger_reprogrammer_1.3.0_customer_release_note.pdf2022-12-11 07:59 168K
msi_charger_reprogrammer_1.3.0_setup.zip2022-12-11 07:59 79M