Motorola XTL firmware for XTL1500, XTL2500, XTL5000. Firmware for MACE board (.mac.aif files). CVN and CCH (Control Head) Sync files. R20.xx.xx CVN amd R20.50.10 final release. Motorola ASTRO XTL5000 - digital mobile radios available in the 700/800 MHz, VHF/UHF R1 and R2 bands. Modes supported: analog, digital P25, digital encrypted APCO P25, Asto25 trunking 9600.

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R050715.ucm50.rel.mac.aif2016-05-05 16:23 206K
R15.00.10-firmware-XTL2500-XTL5000.zip2011-08-07 10:46 32M
XTL-XTL Firmware R15.00.09a.zip2011-06-11 13:58 149M
XTL1500 Firmware R10.00.00 DVN4129S.zip2009-02-10 07:07 12M
XTL1500 Firmware R12.00.00 DVN4222A.zip2009-02-10 07:39 13M
XTL1500 firmware r14.00.03 - dvn4222m.rar2010-09-21 17:05 13M
XTL1500 Firmware R15.00.00 - DVN4222N.rar2010-11-24 23:03 13M
XTL1500_DVN4222E R12_00_13.zip2010-05-02 00:11 13M
XTL2500 Firmware R10.00.00 DVN4125Q.zip2009-02-10 07:12 12M
XTL2500 Firmware R12.00.00 DVN4224A.zip2009-02-10 07:45 13M
XTL2500 firmware r14.00.03 - dvn4224l.rar2010-09-21 17:05 14M
XTL2500 Firmware R15.00.00 - DVN4224M.rar2010-12-02 11:39 16M
XTL2500 Firwmare_09.00.03_DVN4125N.zip2008-05-07 03:41 12M
XTL2500_DVN4125M.zip2020-03-04 11:52 12M
XTL2500_DVN4224E R12_00_13.zip2010-05-01 19:32 13M
XTL2500_DVN4294M_R20.50.07.cvn2016-05-05 16:23 19M
XTL5000 Firmware R10.00.00 DVN1387L.zip2009-02-10 07:17 12M
XTL5000 Firmware R12.00.00 DVN1387T.zip2009-02-11 06:02 13M
XTL5000 firmware r14.00.03 - cvn6489e.rar2010-09-21 17:06 14M
XTL5000 Firmware_09.00.03_DVN1387H.zip2008-05-07 03:45 12M
XTL5000_CVN6706J_R20.50.07.cvn2016-05-05 16:23 19M
XTL5000_DVN1387Y R12_00_13.zip2010-05-01 18:53 13M