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Discover MOTOROLA's comprehensive collection of radio programming software and service manuals for TETRA and DIMETRA systems. Whether you're looking for installation guides or operations manuals, our extensive library has you covered. Explore service manuals for components like transcoders, routers, gateways, and more. Dive into system information booklets, administration guides, communication management books, and management applications. Find technical manual revisions for add-ons and software tools. Download MOTOROLA's radio programming software and access the resources you need to optimize your radio communication systems.

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68P02400U06-E Box Manuals Transcoder Installation and Service Manual.pdf2010-11-03 14:37 182K
68P02400U34-D Box Manuals Short Data Router (SDR) Operations Manual.pdf2010-11-03 14:37 1.3M
68P02400U48-E Dimetra Installation Manual.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 4.6M
68P02400U49-O Alphanumeric Text Service (ATS) Installation Manuals.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 390K
68P02400U59-O Box Manuals Telephone Interconnect Gateway (TIG) Service and Operations Manual.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 476K
68P02400U60-A Box Manuals Packet Data Gateway (PDG) Operations Manual.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 1.5M
68P02400U70-O Volume 1 System Information_Booklet 1-1 Introduction to System Operations_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 1.1M
68P02400U71-O Volume 1 System Information_Book 1-2 Manager's Overview_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 175K
68P02400U72-O Volume 1 System Information_Book 1-3 Theory of Operations_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:38 785K
68P02400U73-O Volume 2 System Administration_Book 2-1 Managing Subsystem Administration_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 331K
68P02400U74-O Volume 2 System Administration_Book 2-2 Server Administration_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 1.0M
68P02400U75-A Volume 2 System Administration_Book 2-3 LANWAN Administration_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 154K
68P02400U76-O Volume 2 System Administration_Book 2-4 Database Administration_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 292K
68P02400U77-O Volume 2 System Administration_Book 2-5 Fault Management_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 502K
68P02400U78-B Volume 2 System Administration_Book 2-6 Infrastructure ManagementConfiguration_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 1.0M
68P02400U79-A Volume 3 Communication Management_Book 3-1 User Management_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 883K
68P02400U80-O Volume 3 Communication Management_Book 3-2 Performance Management_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 371K
68P02400U81-O Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-1 Zone Manager Interface_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:39 470K
68P02400U82-A Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-2 Reports and Statistics_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 562K
68P02400U83-O Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-3 Radio Control Manager_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 341K
68P02400U84-O Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-4 System and Zone Profile_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 257K
68P02400U85-O Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-5 ZoneWatch_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 788K
68P02400U86-B Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-7 Manager Screens.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 1.9M
68P02400U89-B Volume 4 Management Applications_Book 4-6 Software Download.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 416K
68P02400U92-D Installation Manuals Encryption Tool Installation and Operation Guide.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 805K
68P02500U56-A Volume 4 Management Applications_Add-on to Book 4-2 Reports and Statistics (Technical Manual Revision)_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:40 9.1K
68P02500U57-O Volume 2 System Administration_Add-on to Book 2-4 Database Administration (Technical Manual Revision ).pdf2010-11-03 14:40 42K
68P02500U58-O Volume 4 Management Applications_Add-on to Book 4-7 Manager Screens (Technical Manual Revision).pdf2010-11-03 14:40 14K
68P02500U59-O Volume 4 Management Applications_Add-on to Book 4-7 Manager Screens (Technical Manual Revision).pdf2010-11-03 14:40 10K
68P02500U97_O Volume 2 System Administration_Add-on to Book 2-6 Infrastructure Man.Con.(Technical Manual Revision)_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:41 8.1K
68P02600U18-A Box Manuals EBTS Service Software (TESS).pdf2010-11-03 14:41 640K
68P02600U80-O Volume 3 Communication Management_Add-on to Book 3-1 User Management (Technical Manual Revision)_v1.pdf2010-11-03 14:41 6.7K
68P02700U32-B Box Manuals Add-on to FullVision Installation and User's Mananul (Technical Manual Revision).pdf2010-11-03 14:41 459K
68P02700U50-O Add-on to Dimetra Installation (Technical Manual Revision).pdf2010-11-03 14:41 18K
MTS1 ICBSM.pdf2016-12-10 21:06 18M
MTS1 restoration.pdf2016-12-10 21:05 1.7M
MTS2 MTS4 CIBSM addendum.pdf2016-12-10 21:05 2.4M
MTS4L ICBSM.pdf2016-12-10 21:05 18M
MTS4L restoration.pdf2016-12-10 21:05 3.0M
MTSLiTE MTS2 MTS4 ICBSM.pdf2016-12-10 21:08 165M
MTSLiTE MTS2 MTS4 restoration.pdf2016-12-10 21:06 5.8M