SEPURA TETRA Hand-Portable Radios SC20/21, STP9000/STP9200, STP8X000/X100. STP8000 Series: STP8038, STP8040, STP8138, STP8140, STP8238, STP8240. STP9000 Series: STP9038, STP9040, STP9138, STP9140, STP9238, STP9240. SRG3500, SRH3500, SRH3800, SRH3900, SRG3900. SCG22 (SCG2229), SC2120 (SC2124), SC2020 (SC2024). Programming Tools: Radio Manager 2, Radio Manager, Radio Manager, integrated suite of software tools to configure and program SEPURA TETRA Radios. SKMS is to configure Air Interface Encryption material, can program Authentication Keys (K) and sealed Static Cipher Keys (SCK) into SEPURA TETRA radios. CMC and CDT are crypto management tools used in End-to-End Encryption. Automatic re-programming and updates via Wi-Fi with SEPURA's Over the Air Programming (OTAP) solution.

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