TAIT Digital Mobile Radio DMR is a flexible, scalable digital communications platform. TP9100, TM9100, TB9100 programming software. TP9300, TM9300, TB9300 service manuals. TP9400, TM9400, TB9400 technical bulletins, firmware and documents. TP9600, TM9600, TB9600 software and firmware. TB9400 - P25 Phase 2, Linear Simulcast Modulation (LSM), and remote network management, Multi-mode platform supporting Analog Conventional, AS-IP (Analog Simulcast over IP), MPT/MPT1327, DMR.

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FIPS 140-2 Security Policy TEL_crypto_module -- 140sp935.pdf2022-02-11 15:25 146K
Harris TB9100_base_station_p25_capable_repeater_receiver.pdf2022-02-11 15:18 276K
MBA-00002-05 TB9100 Installation Operations Manual.pdf2022-02-11 15:16 12M
MBA-00003-06 TB9100 Customer Software User Manual.pdf2022-02-11 15:15 2.7M
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TB9100 Calibration Software User's Manual.pdf2022-02-11 15:05 1.6M
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