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Looking for TYCO MACOM HARRIS radio programming software? You've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of software options for models such as M7100, M7200, M7300, P7100, P7200, P7300, and more. Our software allows you to program your radios with ease, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. In addition to programming software, we also provide service manuals and maintenance manuals for these models. Whether you're a professional radio technician or a radio enthusiast, our software and manuals are essential tools for your radio programming needs. Don't waste time searching for unreliable sources - buy and download TYCO MACOM HARRIS radio programming software and manuals from us today.

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500m B3604R2B.pdf2005-01-10 20:04 446K
500m B3604_2R1A.pdf2005-01-10 20:04 351K
800crescendPA.pdf2004-12-23 23:22 777K
800_combo_38960.PDF1997-02-04 08:08 478K
800_rf_38849D.PDF1997-01-29 06:13 243K
800_svc_38845B.PDF1997-01-29 03:29 176K
800_svc_38851B.PDF1997-01-29 06:28 283K
800_svc_38953.PDF1997-02-04 07:21 193K
900_combo_38915A.PDF1996-07-02 04:46 666K
900_svc_38912.PDF1997-02-01 04:50 1.0M
4841F.pdf2005-12-17 01:49 782K
30465c.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 856K
30466e.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 197K
30482g.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 1.2M
30488c.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 441K
30488d.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 2.0M
30857e.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 753K
31501.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 1.2M
31544D.pdf2006-07-13 19:48 549K
31665G.pdf2005-12-17 01:48 1.0M
31684B.pdf2006-07-13 19:49 1.0M
31807d_IDA_Repeater_Control_Panel.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 548K
32952B.PDF2005-02-04 01:55 387K
32955B.PDF2005-02-04 01:56 503K
38244G.pdf2005-02-04 01:56 421K
38247E.PDF2005-02-04 01:56 885K
38310a.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 864K
38310b.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 863K
38734b.pdf2007-07-27 22:53 335K
38735C.pdf2007-07-27 22:56 331K
38736C.pdf2007-07-27 22:58 333K
38738C.pdf2007-07-27 22:54 663K
38739D.pdf2007-07-27 23:00 603K
38740E.pdf2007-07-27 22:57 697K
38741F.pdf2007-07-27 22:58 619K
38746K.pdf2007-07-27 22:58 2.1M
38749c.pdf2007-07-27 22:58 670K
38837B.pdf2007-07-27 22:59 306K
38847D.PDF1997-01-29 06:01 953K
38848B.PDF1997-01-29 06:05 399K
38850C.PDF1997-01-29 06:22 380K
38902C.pdf2005-01-10 07:38 453K
38904B.PDF1997-01-31 05:17 282K
38907A.PDF1997-02-01 01:28 717K
38908A.PDF1997-02-01 01:33 216K
38932.PDF1997-02-04 01:36 96K
38952A.PDF1997-02-04 05:09 442K
38973.PDF1997-02-05 00:36 275K
38992e.pdf2005-01-10 07:39 596K
38994d.pdf2005-01-10 07:38 337K
39032.pdf2005-01-19 04:10 133K
39048C.pdf2005-01-19 04:10 586K
39052B.pdf2005-01-19 04:09 338K
39053D.pdf2005-01-19 04:09 2.4M
39070a.pdf2005-01-10 07:38 370K
39071a.pdf2005-01-10 07:38 187K
39072B.pdf2005-01-10 07:39 1.4M
39073e.pdf2005-01-10 07:39 273K
39181A.pdf2005-01-10 07:39 437K
39195A.pdf2005-01-19 04:09 408K
aegis39005C.pdf2005-01-10 07:39 371K
B1641R1B.PDF1996-12-20 00:38 5.2M
B1641_2R3A.pdf2007-07-27 23:02 4.2M
B1641_3RevE.pdf2004-12-24 00:19 9.1M
B1643R4A.pdf2004-12-24 00:18 1.2M
B1644r1a.pdf2004-12-24 00:05 716K
B1644r1a_.pdf2004-12-24 00:18 716K
B1884R3A.pdf2004-12-23 23:53 889K
B1902RevE.pdf2004-12-24 00:20 9.6M
B3137RevD.pdf2004-12-23 23:53 1.0M
B3138RevE.pdf2004-12-23 23:53 1.5M
B3326R1A.PDF2005-01-10 07:39 2.4M
B3500R5A.pdf2004-12-23 23:51 6.6M
B3501R5A.pdf2004-12-23 23:51 6.1M
B3595_5R4A.pdf2005-01-10 20:05 6.2M
B3595_7R4A.pdf2005-01-10 20:05 5.2M
B3604R2B.pdf2004-12-23 23:50 446K
B3604_2R1A.pdf2005-01-10 07:40 351K
B3605R2A.pdf2004-12-23 23:50 377K
B3632R2A.pdf2004-12-24 00:07 9.5M
B3633R2A.pdf2004-12-24 00:07 7.8M
B3683_3RevC.pdf2004-12-24 00:02 6.8M
B4065RevD.pdf2004-12-24 00:12 7.9M
B359551A.pdf2005-02-21 10:53 5.0M
drc200.pdf2004-12-24 03:30 761K
edacs-r-desk 31836D.PDF2005-03-07 02:42 483K
lbi-38238a.pdf2006-11-27 02:11 750K
lbi-38239a.pdf2006-11-27 02:12 400K
lbi30704g.pdf2006-11-27 02:12 869K
lbi31297c.pdf2006-11-27 02:09 1.4M
logic_38843B.PDF1997-01-29 03:18 419K
logic_39016C.PDF1997-02-06 00:41 380K
Maintenance Manual B3138RevE.pdf2004-12-23 23:56 1.5M
Maintenance Manual HHC MM101985V1R1A.pdf2004-12-23 23:57 3.5M
Maintenance Manual M7200 Mobile Radio 700-800MHz Transceiver Board MM20120RevB.pdf2015-07-21 20:36 6.0M
Maintenance Manual M7200 Mobile Radio MM20117RevD.pdf2015-07-21 20:36 8.7M
Maintenance Manual M7200 Mobile Radio Processing Kernel (PK) Board MM20119RevC.pdf2015-07-21 20:36 11M
Maintenance Manual P7100 LL_MM101334V2.pdf2004-12-23 23:58 8.2M
Maintenance Manual P7100 MM101333V1RevC.pdf2004-12-23 23:57 11M
Maintenance Manual P7100 MM101334V1RevC.pdf2004-12-23 23:58 11M
Maintenance Manual P7100 MM101334V2.pdf2004-12-23 23:58 8.2M
Maintenance Manual P7200 Series Portable Radios MM23786.pdf2019-03-06 09:12 14M
Maintenance Manual P7300 Series 700-800MHz MM-013996-001RevB.pdf2019-03-19 23:55 7.8M
Maintenance Manual UHF-H, 450-512 MHz P7300 Series MM-014195-001RevB.pdf2019-03-19 23:56 22M
Maintenance Manual uhf_MM101334V1RevC.pdf2004-12-23 23:58 11M
Maintenance Manual UMURC MM102833V1R1A.pdf2004-12-23 23:56 1.5M
Maintenance Manual URDC MM102809V1R1A.pdf2004-12-23 23:57 2.6M
Maintenance Manual VHF XG-75 Series 14221-1100-5040.pdf2021-02-06 13:49 17M
Maintenance Manual vhf_MM101333V1RevC.pdf2004-12-23 23:57 11M
mdr_rf_38841.PDF1997-01-29 03:11 667K
mech38909E.pdf2005-01-10 07:39 1.0M
MM101007V2RevA.pdf2004-12-23 23:47 7.3M
MM101011V2R2A.pdf2004-12-24 00:06 13M
MM101014V1R1A.pdf2007-07-27 22:55 294K
MM101015V1R1A.pdf2007-07-27 22:55 937K
MM101020V1A1.pdf2007-07-27 22:56 512K
MM101032V1R1A.pdf2004-12-23 23:48 3.8M
MM101033V1R2A.pdf2004-12-23 23:49 4.3M
MM101116V1R1A.pdf2007-07-27 22:55 697K
MM101260V1RevB.pdf2004-12-23 23:45 8.2M
MM101477V1R1A.pdf2004-12-23 23:49 426K
MM101510V1RevC.pdf2005-10-31 02:30 7.3M
MM101510V2RevC.pdf2005-10-31 02:32 6.7M
MM101985V1R1A.pdf2005-01-10 07:40 3.5M
MM102345V1.pdf2004-12-23 23:43 4.7M
MM102709V1.pdf2004-12-23 23:54 9.4M
MM102710V1.pdf2004-12-23 23:55 10M
MM102711V1.pdf2004-12-23 23:55 8.3M
MM102809V1R1A.pdf2004-12-24 00:18 2.6M
MM102833V1R1A.pdf2004-12-23 23:53 1.5M
monogramEDACSm.pdf2004-12-23 23:18 2.6M
monogramEDACSp.pdf2004-12-23 23:16 12M
MPAconvertacom.pdf2004-12-25 07:28 1.5M
page 4 from lbi30488d.pdf2006-11-27 02:12 7.0M
rdi_38937A.PDF1997-02-04 04:05 394K
remote_38877A.PDF1997-01-30 05:57 412K
serviceMM23786.pdf2007-07-27 22:29 14M
sys_38842A.PDF1997-01-29 03:13 79K
uhf_39014.PDF1997-02-06 00:22 290K
UHF_MAINT_B1906R1A.PDF1996-12-20 03:00 2.3M
uhf_pa_39051C.PDF1997-02-07 03:14 229K
uhf_rf_39017E.PDF1997-02-06 00:56 552K
uhf_svc_39018B.PDF1997-02-06 01:14 182K
vhf_39015B.PDF1997-02-06 00:34 308K
VHF_MAINT_B1874R2A.PDF1997-01-14 00:50 1.9M
vhf_rf_39019B.PDF1997-02-06 03:31 587K
vhf_svc_39020A.PDF1997-02-06 03:34 175K