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If you own a Chinese radio and need to program it, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of programming software for Chinese radios, including popular brands like Baofeng, Quansheng, and Puxing. Whether you're a radio enthusiast, a business owner, or a public safety professional, having the right software is essential for programming and customizing your radios. Our collection includes files such as 639 c2.rar, 2100-2088.zip, AT-D878UV FW 1.10 Dec 31 Update.zip, and many more. Simply browse our selection, choose the software you need, and download it instantly. With our Chinese radio programming software, you'll have full control over your radios and can easily program frequencies, channels, and other settings. Don't waste time searching for the right software - buy and download it now to get started with programming your Chinese radios.

NameLast modifiedSize
Parent Directory  -
5IN1.rar2007-09-15 04:12 1.2M
6IN1.rar2007-09-15 04:16 2.3M
639_c2.rar2009-01-02 20:57 2.9M
2100-2088.zip2008-01-11 11:51 2.5M
AT-D878UV_FW_1.10_Dec_31_Update.zip2019-06-13 00:27 6.7M
Baofeng UV-3R.rar2011-06-05 21:10 4.2M
Baofeng UV-3R.txt.txt2011-06-05 21:10 54
Baofeng_UV-82_parts 90_ FCC ID__ZP5BF-82_schematic_2.pdf2022-04-17 08:12 126K
CB-27 Setup.rar2022-05-22 19:11 4.2M
chinese_radio Programming_apps.rar2008-01-11 11:59 68M
eQXPG-58D.zip2007-08-11 00:01 2.7M
ETECH - IRIS.rar2008-09-14 19:31 2.2M
GD-77 CPS FW 6.0.1 PART 90.zip2022-05-22 19:12 35M
HT780E-1.07.04.rar2012-05-14 13:17 21M
HY3000E.RAR.txt2012-06-12 14:07 34
hyt0068e.zip2009-08-01 10:31 2.7M
HYT_TC700_Ver_3_13.rar2011-09-15 22:25 3.4M
KG-619.rar2009-01-02 20:55 2.3M
KG669_PROGRAM.rar2008-01-11 11:40 11M
KG689 Setup.zip2010-05-09 01:35 2.9M
kguv011b.zip2011-10-18 13:36 2.0M
KGUVD1P.zip2011-03-08 19:25 4.0M
kirisum -china kenwood.rar2008-03-08 16:39 3.8M
Kirisun S780.rar2015-07-21 19:19 7.8M
Ksp20P_V2.35.txt2018-07-20 16:27 24
Ksp20P_V2.35.zip2009-01-09 18:22 569K
Ksp23_V2.22.txt2018-07-20 16:30 24
Ksp23_V2.22.zip2009-01-09 18:24 552K
LT-3188 V2.0 (Chinese version).rar2011-09-07 23:23 3.3M
Mcx1000.zip2009-08-17 19:01 71K
MD-2017 CPS 1.21.zip2022-05-22 19:12 7.3M
Puxing PX-2R.txt2012-05-03 17:38 1.8K
Puxing PX-2R.zip2012-05-03 17:39 5.0M
puxing_px_2r_soft.zip2012-05-03 17:31 2.3M
Quansheng TG-UV.txt2012-05-03 17:45 531
Quansheng TG-UV.zip2012-05-03 17:49 23M
SAMCOM_Radio 20ChnCPSsetup.rar2022-05-22 19:12 896K
TC-600 V 1.23.zip2008-08-10 23:26 2.4M
TC-2100 E V1.1.zip2008-08-10 23:27 2.5M
TC-3000 E V2.0.zip2008-08-10 23:28 2.5M
TC-3600 ME V2.2 BETA.zip2008-08-10 23:31 5.9M
tc700.rar2009-08-01 10:34 2.6M
TCAPRC152A.zip2023-08-31 01:57 6.5M
TD-H5 Software.zip2022-05-22 19:12 29M
TH-9800 Software.zip2022-05-22 19:12 2.4M
TH-F8PG v1.01.rar2011-09-23 23:55 2.9M
TID Radio Programming Software.rar2024-02-29 06:27 9.5M
Titan Radio TR4Xi_v5_Programming_Software.zip2024-02-16 21:24 15M
UV3R_MARKII-20110919071123.rar2011-11-08 13:24 891K
UV3R_setup_v1.11.zip2022-05-22 19:12 946K
UV6D_SEN05.rar2022-05-22 19:13 2.0M
UV100_APS 7.zip2012-03-10 13:51 182K