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At HAMRADIO SOFT, we offer a comprehensive selection of radio programming software for various brands and models. Whether you need software for KENWOOD, ALINCO.CD.rar, or any other radio brand, we have you covered. Our software includes features like !OPENEAR and !WAVECOM W-CODE, providing you with advanced functionality for your radio programming needs.In addition to brand-specific software, we also offer a range of other tools and utilities. From the BDS Broadcast Engineering Toolkit (Bearing & Distance Calculator) v2.01 DOS.zip to the CommShop v1.0 DOS.zip, we have the resources you need to enhance your radio programming experience.Looking for specific features? Our software collection includes options like DX.Atlas2.25.inkl.crack.rar for DX enthusiasts, g30x-drm-139.zip for DRM decoding, and LP Communications Speech Inverter.zip for speech inversion. We also have software for decoding and encoding POCSAG messages, such as PD (POCSAG Decoder) v2.03 DOS.zip and PE (POCSAG Encoder) v2.04 DOS.zip.For those interested in radio monitoring and scanning, we offer tools like RadioComm v3.0 Win.zip and Trunker - Motorola Trunked Radio System.zip. These programs allow you to monitor and analyze radio transmissions, providing valuable insights for radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.To enhance your radio programming experience, we also offer utilities like MoSlo (Processor Speed Reducer).zip for slowing down CPU speed, Hex Conversion Utilities DOS.zip for hexadecimal conversions, and NCR MDT Monitor v1.5.1 Win.zip for monitoring NCR MDT systems.Browse our extensive collection of radio programming software and utilities, and buy & download the tools you need to take your radio programming to the next level. With HAMRADIO SOFT, you can trust that you're getting high-quality software that meets your specific requirements.

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!OPENEAR/2023-05-10 21:38 -
!WAVECOM_W-CODE/2024-04-19 14:05 -
COMINT_CONSULTING/2023-05-09 18:45 -
KENWOOD/2023-05-10 21:39 -
ALINCO.CD.rar2011-01-01 05:14 545K
BDS Broadcast Engineering Toolkit (Bearing & Distance Calculator) v2.01 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:34 318K
CommShop v1.0 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:34 103K
DX.Atlas2.25.inkl.crack.rar2011-08-02 22:00 4.1M
g30x-drm-139.zip2008-05-20 23:57 7.5M
GX430_V02.51 !!! THIS !!! .zip.txt2016-11-28 20:09 89
GX430_V02.51.zip2016-11-28 20:05 118M
Hamradio 304 Hamradio - Bonito Radiocom 5.1 Txrx Iso.rar2007-05-16 16:08 201M
Hamradio 304 Hamradio - Bonito Radiocom Cracks Only.rar2007-05-16 13:52 2.3M
ham radio full.rar2009-04-25 22:16 35M
ham radio software full versions only.zip2009-04-25 21:19 13M
Hex Conversion Utilities DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:34 52K
Hoka Code300 v3.0 and pw.rar2011-08-02 21:37 5.6M
HYT.rar2011-02-21 19:41 240K
jvfax71.zip2011-08-02 22:18 466K
Kantronics.rar2008-10-22 13:22 2.3M
kenwood_tm-d700_control_program.txt2009-06-07 22:51 73
kenwood_tm-d700_control_program.zip2009-06-07 22:43 1.7M
LP Communications Speech Inverter.zip2008-04-26 21:34 95K
Mcp-D7G.rar2007-08-26 13:39 1.0M
MoSlo (Processor Speed Reducer).zip2008-04-26 21:34 1.2K
MS-DOS v6.22.zip2008-04-26 21:35 1.0M
NCR MDT Monitor v1.5.1 Win.zip2008-04-26 21:36 3.0M
nederland.zip2008-03-05 14:17 480K
NEW GX430_V02.51 !!! THIS !!! .zip.txt2016-11-28 20:09 89
PD (POCSAG Decoder) v2.03 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:36 90K
PD (POCSAG Decoder) v2.04 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:36 104K
PE (POCSAG Encoder) v2.04 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:36 41K
PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1160.zip2016-12-04 03:59 4.3M
Pocsag-Decoder.rar2011-08-02 21:30 335K
RadioComm v3.0 Win.zip2008-04-26 21:36 486K
RadioTracker.zip2008-04-26 21:37 2.0M
Radio Utilities - Robert Pusey DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:36 64K
SC390-Disk.rar2008-08-10 14:41 142K
scannerRecorder190.zip2011-08-02 22:16 173K
SlowDown (CPU Speed Reducer) v1.01 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:37 2.1K
SlowDown (CPU Speed Reducer) v3.10 DOS [Works GREAT].zip2008-04-26 21:37 76K
syskey_gene.zip2009-09-01 10:28 27K
The RFS Technical Programs Tool Disk v2.42 DOS.ZIP2008-04-26 21:38 1.0M
TH_F7E Control Programming.zip2012-06-02 04:18 510K
tm-g707e_adap.zip2007-12-16 23:25 5.2K
tm-v7_v1_01.zip2007-12-16 23:26 289K
Trunker - Motorola Trunked Radio System.zip2008-04-26 21:38 39K
Trunker v3.4.3 DOS.zip2008-04-26 21:38 75K
TS-140Srom.zip2011-11-16 23:41 8.1K
TTT_1.08.0_release.7z1970-01-01 02:00 1.0M
Unilogic Programmer v1.52(R) DOS (Russian).zip2008-04-26 21:38 84K
vx3.zip2008-01-30 03:26 810K
wxman20.zip2011-08-02 22:27 256K
WXtoImg.txt2015-11-26 22:07 0
WXtoImg.zip2015-11-26 22:07 7.5M
xrs1438129382.zip2008-05-20 23:53 341K
xrs2316664213.zip2008-05-20 23:53 497K